Is there a LTSpice model for the AD7495 or at least a LTSpice model for the Vin? I am using the 2.5V RefOut with a resistor voltage divider for the Vin pin and I am seeing less than 1/2 of the reference. I do not see a spec for the input impedance of the

I am sampling the ADC at 1Mhz, I have a 30K resistor from the RefOut pin to another 30K resistor to gnd. On the center tap between these resistors I have a 1K resistor into the Vin pin. I am seeing 1.084V on the Vin pin. When I remove the 1K resistor (isolating the Vin pin from being in parallel with the lower 30K resistor) the divider is correct  at 1.25V.

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