(LT6990)Frequency Modulated Operation (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator)

Hi !

I have some questions about LTC6990.


One of our customer want to use LTC6990 as Voltage-Controlled Oscillator.

And I am trying to calculate the error.

The error factors that can be read from this figure and the equation are the dispersion of the resistance and the variation of the voltage of VCTRL.

Other than the above error, it is recognition that it becomes only the voltage error of VSET.

Is my understanding correct?


Considering the temperature change, I think that it is necessary to add the following error to the above error, is that enough?


calculated the error but it look the error is big.

But the datasheet said this.

Does this means this error include VSET voltage and drift error?

I mean the error of the external resistor is not calculated ,correct?

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