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LTC2353-18 and DC2365A/DC890B eval boards: More than 32k samples

I am evaluating the LTC2353-18 ADC with the DC2365A/DC890B eval boards using the Pscope software. The number of samples that can be recorded is 32768. Is it possible to increase the number of samples per recording beyond this limit?

Thank you!

Best regards, Christian

  • Hi Christian,

    The DC890B controller has a limited amount of onboard board memory that restricts the capture size. If you can use the LTC2358-18 (8-ch, 200ksps simultaneous sampling SAR ADC. Operated in 2-ch mode it can capture at 550ksps.) for your evaluation, the DC2542A combined with the Arrow SOCkit board controller can be used to capture data. The Arrow controller offers 1GB of memory to store your data while capturing in real time. This will allow a much larger capture size.

  • Hi,

    would the combination of DC2365A-C, DC2511A adapter and SOCkit work as well?

    Thank you!


  • It could be made to work but it would require writing some software on your part to control the sneaker port (an I2C to SPI interface used to program the ADC) of the DC2365A-C and then do the data capture. It would be much easier and faster to use the DC2542A because the code for the DC2542A is already written. The code unfortunately is not compatible with the DC2365A-C. Because the DC2542A was designed to be used with the SoCkit board it has no need for the sneaker port.