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LTC2494 / 95 differential input configuration

I2C serial ADC LTC2494 / LTC2495.

I am making 8x differential measurements via resistor divider of inputs that are connected in series, I will need to connect together inputs 14-13, 12-11, 10-9, 8-7, 6-5, 4-3, 2-1 (reference to Table 3 of datasheet) to enable individual measurements. Uses 16 pins

No issues?

It would be good if I could configure the input multiplexer to use just 9 pins for 8 channels ?...

in15-- in14, in14--in13, in13--in12, in12-- in11, in11--in10, in10--in9, in9--in8, in8--in7

This would use just 9 input pins.

I can make a drawing of connection if it needed.