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AD7293 internal temp sensor shows strange result

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7293

Hello! AD7293 internal temperature reading seems to be too high.

The RESULT 0 register for internal temperature reads 0xF75 in a room temperature setting. The process I use is to first set the page to the CONFIGURATION page where I set background enable to 1 for the internal temperature sensor, and then I set a delay for 0.5 seconds. Then I switch back to the RESULT 0 page and read from the internal temperature register. I then get the value 0xF75 between bit 15 and bit 4. I would expect a binary value that is closer to 25 degrees. Is there something I'm doing wrong in my methodology?

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  • Hi  ,

    Your configuration concerning temperature sensor is correct. However, it looks to me, that you ADC_REF is not correct value. 

    If you are using internal reference, please refer to following page…

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