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ADAQ4001 Cant get the SPI communication to work

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAQ4001


I am a beginner with the programming of microcontrollers and SPI communication and have some problems with the ADAQ4001 Evaluation Board.

I am planning to use the ADAQ on a custom board, but for a first test I am using the ADAQ Evaluation Board with a STM32 Nucelo Board.

The two Boards are connected with Jumper-Cables and therefore i have reduced the clock rate to roughly 300kHz.

For a first test I am just trying to read the Register of the ADAQ4001 and I am already running into problems.

I looked up the required timing from the Datasheet and it should look like this:

To check my software, i have a logic analyzer connected to the board.

The output waveform of my µC looks like this:

As far as i have understood the datasheet, the ADAQ should output the register values on the SDO line.

But for some reason there is no SDO Data from the ADAQ Board. The Pull-Up resistor for the SDO line is activated.

I have checked the power rails of the board and they look ok.

When i cycle the power to the ADAQ then there are sometimes random signals on the SDO line.

Can someone help me with the problem?

I am grateful for any tips.

Best regards,


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  • Hi  ,

    I'm assuming that you're operating on CS mode as the interface mode, since a single ADAQ4001 board is used. Please see the following suggestions:

    1. Add a CNV signal.
      1. This is significant…