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Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7293

Dear All

We have assembled our PCB with AD7293.

SPI Interface is working with our Xillinx based FPGA and DAC interfaces are also working i.e. voltage is changing on writing the DAC registers, but ADC is not working.

On debugging we have found that voltage at pin 42 REFADC pin is only 80mV while it should have been 1.25V.

Because of this 80mV ADC is being saturated at just 320mV, After 320mV reading is coming same.

Voltage at pin 20,21 VREFIN, VREFOUT is correctly coming to 2.5V.

Kindly find below the schematic for the same.

Kindly Let us know what change do i have to make in order to get correct REFADC-1.25V

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