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AD7606C-16 register mode

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7606C-16

Hi all,

I am using device "AD7606C-16". Now I want to config the ADC in software mode (e.g. data transmission via eight lane), the device is configured by FPGA via SPI.  According to the datasheet of AD7606C-16, FPGA send command as following sequence:

1. send '01'(read register) + '10 1111'(addr:0x2f) + '0000 0000'. this command is used to exit ADC mode and read device ID.

2. send '1111 1111 1111 1111' (read back register content of 0x2f throgh doutA).

3. send '00'(write register) + '00 0010'(addr:0x02) + '0001 1000'(8 doutx + normal mode)

4. send '00'(write register) + '00 0010'(addr:0x28) + '0001 1000'(ch2:input 2.5V, ch1:input AVcc)

5. send  '00' (write register) + '00 0000 0000 0000' (enter ADC mode again)

Unfortunately, in step.2 nothing is read back in douta (all 0 or all 1). And after i config all, the data is still output through douta and doutb. Using the oscilloscope to measure the pins of the ADC, I made sure that all the commands went into the ADC through the SPI. All voltage pins are at the correct voltage (e.g. pin36 and others).