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LTC2508-32 SDOA pin output waveform is abnormal

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC2508-32


I use LTC2508-32 ADC, VDD=2.5V, OVDD=3.3V, RDLA=0.  At this time the SDOA output waveform is very strange, the binary conversion value is not correct, what is the reason?  

The following are some schematic diagrams and waveform diagrams 


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  • Hi  

    You need to make sure then synch pulse occurs before the new MCLK cycle as indicates the timing diagram, if this is not the case, we cannot guarantee a proper synchronization.

     You will need to optimize the interruption routine to ensure the timing. You could also try to trigger the interrupt with the rising edge of DRL instead with the falling edge but make sure the SYNC goes high after the falling of DRL.



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