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formula to convert raw data to voltage?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-AD4630-24

I would like to connect a 1V sine wave to the EVAL-AD4630-24 to the J3 terminal (-IN) and use a python program to view the data in a graph.
So I have a few questions.
1. formula to convert raw data to voltage?
2. is it possible to have a single input instead of differential input?
3. are there any steps required to do a single input?

This may be an elementary question.
Best regards and thank you in advance.

Thread Notes

  • Hello  ,

    1) The formula to convert raw data to voltage can be found on page 22 of its datasheet. 

    2) You can try putting +IN to ground. But the device is a differential input, so we do not recommend it. Since the difference of a fully-differential inputs to a single-ended input are, it has 2 times the full-scale input voltage level and have superior DC and AC common-mode rejection (which manifest themselves as noise) resulting to an increase in its SNR. Another thing to take note of is its ability to reject noise. If that would be the case, we could recommend you to our products that is a single-ended input. May we know what is your specific application since you want to convert it into a single-ended input?

    Thanks and regards,