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Selection of a quartz crystal or use of an oscillator for AD7708

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7708

Hello everyone,

There are no specifications in the data sheet regarding the use of crystals or oscillators for generating the corresponding frequencies on XTAL1 and XTAL2.

I would like to use the DS32kHz oscillator (data sheet: to generate these frequencies.

Can the DS32kHz oscillator be used in a configuration as shown in Figure 6 from the data sheet or is it sufficient to connect the frequency output of the DS32kHz oscillator to the XTAL1 pin? 

In the following forum post (Crystal Oscillator selection for AD7708 - Q&A - Precision ADCs - EngineerZone ( the use of this crystal (LFXTAL002997 Iqd Frequency Products, Quarz, 32.768 kHz, Zylinder | Farnell DE) is recommended. Do additional load capacitances or a certain wiring have to be considered? 



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  • Hi  ,

    The crystal configuration and the amount of capacitance required is dependent on the XTAL specifications. However, the pin capacitance and track capacitance provide enough capacitance for…