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AD7265 - Could SCLK be IDLE = 0?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7265


Could SCLK be used as IDLE = 0?

I mean to hold SCLK = 0 before CS falling edge, and hold SCKL = 0 before rising edge on CS.

I've prepared a drawng to clarify it:

I want to read both ADC outputs on the same pin, and need SCLK to be IDLE = 0 because some other ICs on the same SPI bus need it to be as that.

Thanks in advance for your support!. Regards.


EDITED: I have write DAC instead of ADC.
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    Feb 18, 2024 in reply to NathanT +1 verified

    Hello  ,

    Based on what I understand from your query, you are pertaining to the CPOL of the device right? If that would be the case, you will be needing to tweak few codes if you have a controller…