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AD7606C-16 || Digital Data to Voltage Conversion

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7606C-16

Hi Team,

I am using AD7606C-16 ADC IC for my receiver system.  I want to validate the ADC-received samples to my scope waveform. I am doubting what should I consider the value of Full Scale Range in the calculation formula.

Please Note: I haven't made any configuration changes for the ADC IC. 

Conversion formula:

Voltage= (Digital Data)* Full Scale Range / ((2^16)-1)

In the Oscilloscope I am seeing Vpp (measured at P wrt N I/p of ADC) is ~3.0Vpp

I am attaching the Digital Data, Pls suggest are the samples Ok. What Should I consider the Full Scale Range for my calculation?
CONVST Freq: 108KHz
Input Frequency: 27KHz

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  • Hi Nathan,

    To my last query;

    " When measuring my ADC input at V1+ wrt GND I am observing ~1.4Vpp, similarly, at V1- wrt GND I am observing ~1.4Vpp. So, Input to ADC will be ~2.8Vpp.

    But, while capturing from ADC (Digital Data, as you said) ~1.56Vpp is calculated.

    I used the same formula of multiplying the digital data with 305.2 µV & took the min/max (assumed not hitting the max), I m observing ~1.74Vpp (less than 2.8Vpp) " 

    to this, we observed the ADC is configured in the low bandwidth mode. For this, we shared our observation (freq. vs gain) plot in the last thread.

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