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AD7879 value jamp

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7879W

My customer is evaluating the prototype of the product using AD7879W and display with touch panel.
Communication to AD7879W has been established, and various register settings and data readouts have been performed.
The display is 5.7inch by Ampire.

The following problem has occurred.
When testing any position, (for example, touching a position around 500 (dec) several times) it will occasionally jump to a value such as 2050 (dec).
Both X and Y occur, but Y is more common.
The values at the end of the jump tend to be similar, about 2050~2200 (dec).
Sometimes it was 1800 or 1900 (dec).
Problems also occurred when customers changed digital filters or sampling times.
Customers added capacitors (such as 1000 pF, 0.1 μF, 22 μF, or 47 μF) to the power bypass, but the same problem occurred.

If you know the solution, please let me know.
Thank you and best regards,

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