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AD5940 GPIO0 Pin Clarification

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD5940


I'm connecting AD5940 to nRF52832 via SPI and need to link AD5940's GPIO0 to an nRF52832 GPIO pin. However, the AD5940 datasheet doesn't precisely match my board. I am just wondering which pin on the AD5940 board(GP0) corresponds to GPIO0: the top or bottom one?



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  • Thank you so much Akila! One last question, I am connecting AD5940 with nRF52832 via flywire and I looked it up in the datasheet. If I understand correctly, I need to connect AVDD/DVDD to VDD and AGND/DGND to GND and other SPI pins. Now the ID I read is incorrect and I think the reason is the connection of AVDD/DVDD/AGND. Could you please tell me how to connect those pins? Really appreciate it!