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Issues with AD4130-8 DOUT/RDY in Single Conversion Mode

Category: Software

Hello, I have a program that operates stably on the WLCSP package, and now I'm encountering some issues when switching the package to LFCSP.

The current functionality involves monitoring two signals: AIN0 -> Signal 1, AIN1 -> GND, AIN2 -> Signal 2, AIN3 -> GND.

My process is as follows:

  1. Initialize AD4130
  2. Switch to Single Sequence Mode
  3. Continuously check the DOUT/RDY pin until it's at a low potential
  4. Read the DATA register
  5. Determining which channel the signal is coming from
  6. Read the ERROR register
  7. Switch to standby mode

Repeated steps 2 through 7.

I use a while loop to check the voltage level of the RDY pin, but when I check the RDY pin, the voltage on the RDY pin remains high, causing the program to get stuck in a loop.

Here is the register table after initialization. 

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