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ad7124-8: What is the max HZ when continuously measuring and cycling through 8 differential channels

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ad7124

Hello, I'm trying to determine whether the AD7124-8 is correct for my application.

I am attempting to hook up 8 load cells, each with their own differential output such that I can make use of 8 differential channels on the ad7124-8. I want to sample each channel at 100 hz.

The load cells are roughly 1mV/V and the excitation will be 3.3V. So I'm planning on using a gain of 128 for each load cell.

Assuming no filtering, can I achieve a sampling rate of 100 samples per second for each of the 8 load cells using the ad7124-8?

What would be the maximum samples per second I could achieve assuming I am continuously measuring and cycling through 8 differential channels?

Perhaps I missed it, but in the data sheet I only see data for continuous converting on a single channel, I'm curious to know the expected sampling rate when cycling across multiple channels.

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  • Hi  ,

    I think the closest Output Data Rate would be 3.889ksps per channel with ADC configuration at full power mode, sinc4 and FS=1.

    Next would be at 2.768ksps per channel at full power mode,…