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Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD7606C-16 and Eval Board EVAL-AD7606CFMCZ

Hi, I am utilizing the EVAL-AD7606CFMCZ evaluation board interfaced to a microcontroller via P2.

Setting up my interface firmware I struggled when in Register Mode I tried to read the DEVICE_ID at register addres 0x2F. I get back 0x22 in place of the Datasheet indication 0x31. But I confirm that my eval board hosts an AD7606C-16.

Then I tried reading and overwriting and re-reading many other registers with success. Therefore I think that my returned 0x22 is correct. Is there a mistake in the datasheet or what ?

Second. I tried to set bit 7 of register at 0x21 to enable Interface Check (by the way, a really NICE option ! It should be implement in every ADC to easy checking custom interfaces). Reading the ADC data I got a leading 0x0000 before the first real data (0xACCA). This happens just once. A second reading of the 8 channels correctly starts with 0xACCA etc.

Is it normal ? If yes it is worth to add to the Datasheet.



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    Hi  ,

    Regarding your concern to interface check, you need to write 0x00 into register 0x00, to switch mode, then next SPI frame should report ADC data. You can refer to figures 10 and 11.