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Issue with SPI Wiring and Testing for AD4010, CNV and SDI

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD4010

Hey everyone,

I am struggling to setup the SPI interface and test the output for AD4010 ADC. The wiring in data sheet don't seem to be traditional SPI setups, I believe input for SCK and output for SDO are standard. For the CNV pin, how am i supposed to connect this? Do i tie it to the SCK pin? And the SDI pin im confused about how this is supposed to be wired, because traditionally this is NOT the CS pin. Even though the datasheet makes it seem like i have to connect CS from the host device to the ADC SDI. If someone can describe quite plainly exactly how to wire the 4 pins i would greatly appreciate it.



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  • Hi  ,

    Pardon for coming back late. I hope you are well. So, here are my insights to your concerns:

    1) For CNV. You can refer to page 23 of its user guide. CNV is externally controlled; it acts as…