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EVAL-AD5940BIOZ BIA and Temperature code examples unexpected values

Category: Software
Product Number: AD5940

Hi, I recently acquired the EVAL-AD5940BIOZ kit that comes with the ADICUP3029. I have tried running the BIA example using with the configuration from the AN-1557 where the AD5940 Z Test Board Switch 7 from S1 is set to off to give Z = 2k Ohm. 

I can measure the 2k Ohm with a multimeter in both the Z-Test board and the EVAL-AD5940BIOZ board, however, I always seem to get  around 397 Ohms. I have double checked the jumpers  are still in the default position but this doesn't seem to have any impact in the measurement.

I have also tried running the temperature example to read the internal temperature of the AD5940, however the temperature register always returns 0 and never prints the result.

Is it possible I have a defective unit?

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