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EVAL-AD4030-24FMCZ: SDO0_FMC High after end conversion

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-AD4030-24FMCZ

I am currently troubleshooting a single EVAL-AD4030-24FMCZ board with a customized MCU Evaluation Board, using guidance from the AD463x driver library.

  • EVAL-AD4030-24FMCZ board is manually powered with 12V Supply.
  • Signal RST_FMC has a 20k pullup to VADJ.
  • For now, MCU Eval board is using 1 MHz SPI clock to do 1-lane SPI transactions.

The issue I am observing is inactivity from ADC(SDO0_FMC) in conversion mode after powerup [default].

SDO0_FMC stays logic-high throughout each1-lane SPI transactions. BUSY_FMC and all other 1-lane SPI FMC signals (CS, SCK, SDI) appear to be functional.

I have attached a few scope shots as reference with observation summary listed below.

What is reason for inactivity on SDO0_FMC? What can be done to fix this issue?


Scope Shot Observations


  • CH1 (Yellow): CNV_FMC
  • CH4 (Green): BUSY_FMC
  • CH2 (Blue): SDO0 (going to MCU-MISO)
  • CH3 (Magenta): CS_FMC

 Collected Scope Shot (#1)

  • 1A: Test Conversion then 1st SPI Transaction sequence after Power-Up
    • ADC in Conversion mode by default (per datasheet)
  • 1B: (Closeup) BUSY_FMC responds after CNV_FMC rising edge as expected

Repeated Scope Shot (#2) with CH4 (Green) connected to SCK_FMC instead of BUSY_FMC

  • 2A: 1st SPI Transaction sequence after Power-Up
    • Hi-Pulse ADC-Convert and ADC Read Test
    • No Sdo0-to-MISO activity observed (CH2 stays high)
    • 0xFFFFFFFF read as result
  • 2B: SPI Transaction Closeup (see above)


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