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Chronoamperometry in SensorPal and migrating IAR code tho other IDE

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-AD5941ELCZ
Software Version:

Hello everyone,

I am trying to perform a Chronoamperometric measurement using the EVAL-AD5941ELCZ and SensorPal GUI. According to the application note "Optimizing the AD5940 for Electrochemical Measurements" that should be possible. However, I could not find any such application in SensorPal.

Further, I'd like to migrate to a different microcontroller. I was able to implement the Amperometric measurement, but not so the Chronoamperometric. I implented my own interrupts and everything builds and runs without errors, gets stuck however once the while loop has run one time (no further interrupts accure). Do you know about such issues?

Thanks in advance,