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AD4030-24 REFIN and REF pin selection

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD4030-24


If I use the AD4030-24 REFIN with an external LDO 4.096+-1.64mV voltage, the internal LDO will generate a 4.096+-100uV reference voltage. Am I right? or the internal reference voltage is 4.096+-1.64mV +- 100uV. The internal reference voltage offset is related on the external LDO offset.

For my understanding, the internal and external reference voltage offset are irrelevant if I use REFIN pin. If I use the REF pin, then I need to care about the external LDO offset. the external LDO on REFIN pin only provide an operating voltage between 4.046-4.146V. all the internal spec are depend on the AD4030 internal buffer and functions.

If I am wrong, what the REFIN pin meaning. I know the REF pin gain error is smaller than REFIN pin. if REFIN pin offset depend both external and internal offset. and REF pin only depend on external offset. why we need to use REFIN pin. REF pin is always better then it.