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AD4696 Register write problem or Sequencer overriding issue

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD4696; AD4696 EVAL
Software Version: C++

Dear all,

I am working on a project with AD4696. 

I am able to get 1Msps with quite reliable (just with DC voltages so far) results but there is this one crucial problem. 

- AD4696 EVAL

- NXP uC

- 3.3V -->1.8V level shifted for SPI

- VIO, ResetN = 1.8V

- Tied CS and CNV

- Tested register write SCK at 0.5MHz ~4MHz

- Performed HW reset after any firmware change. 

I am not able to sample multiple channels. 

I have been testing Standard Sequence Mode and no matter what value I write to 0x24 register (Standard Sequencer Config), it gets overwritten or defaults back to 0x0000 ->0x0001 when I start converting.

Hence I can only test CH0. 

Here's a quick snapshot of the logic. You can see from the Status bit that it is always sampling CH0.

When I write a value to 0x24, it gets thrown away and ends up at 0x00.

I spent almost 50 hours on this issue and I could get some help if possible. 

Also, there is this problem with Autocycling as well. I now know how to avoid it but I am not sure what is causing the issue. 

In the datasheet, the default register for 0x0024 is 0x00 but for some reason, if I do not write 0x00 to it, it always runs at Autocycling with a 20us cycle. 

There is also some issue with GPIO registers because I always have the BUSY enabled to check the timing but the BUSY signal is not present from time to time. 

I am assuming all these are similar issue but I cannot figure out exactly what is causing the issue.

I do not think it is from poor SPI wiring issue because the register SPI config is happening at around 1MHz. 

Any help or tip is much appreciated!

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