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AD2S1210 set Encoder resolution!

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD2S

I use AD2S1210. Everything's fine. But when I set the Control Logger (0x92) to change the resolution of the Encoder, I only get the 10bit encoder output, while the resolution of the position read is settable by Res1 , res0. I read (0x92) that D2 and D3 are already set. what's going on with AD2S1210?
Look forward to the help

  • Hi  ,

           I wanted to understand your current set up. In your set up, what is the setting of D2 and D3? You mentioned that is only 10-bit encoder, how many pulses are there in 1 revolution? As discussed in the Incremental encoder section of the datasheet, a 12bit resolution will have 1024 pulses in A and B. A lead B by 90degrees. Each A and B cycles will have 4 counts. 1024 pulses will have 4096 counts which is a 12-bit resolution. 



  • I understand  when The Control Register (0x92) is set (Res0=1, Res1=1):

    - 0x70:  A cycles = 256ppr

    - 0x78:  A cycles = 1.024ppr

    - 0x74:  A cycles = 4.096ppr

    - 0x7C:  A cycles = 16.384ppr

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