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ad2s1210 schematic check in SPI mode

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ad2s1210


I'm working on a STM32 board that will work with ad2s1210. Never use this chip before, so I ask you if my schematic is ok.

As reference I've use the eval board schematic and this article

I plan to use ad2s1210 only in SPI mode.

  1. Can it be used only in configuration mode?
  2. To activate the configuration mode I've pulled up A0, A1 and also RES0 and RES1 can be pulled up cause I'll set all by registers. Is that right?
  3. About the SIN/COS input, I've put the 220p as RC filter, is that a 2k over 220p filter, so 361kHz filter, right?
  4. About the SIN/COS input, instead of the RA attenuation resistor I've put three resistor selectable R15 R73 R74 (for SIN), Is that a partitor with 2k resistor (1k+1k from input)?
  5. Do you find any other issue?

Thank you for your help!

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  • Thank you!

    But I would like to use this chip in serial mode, that posts seems to me all about parallel mode.
    I'm planning to leave this device in configuration mode, and use always the SPI to read from device. In order to do that I just expose pin SAMPLE, WR to transfer registers and SCLK, SDI, SDO, CS for the SPI communication.
    Leavind SOE to GND, RD to VCC, CS to RES0 and RES1 to VCC, and A0,A1 also to VCC to let this device stay always in configuration mode.