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AD4134 driven by LTC6373 - do I need clamping diodes?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD4134

Hi experts.

We have designed an analog front end circuit consisting of four LTC6373 differential PGAs driving the four differential inputs of an AD4134. This is performing very well.

However, we have not included any ADC overvoltage protection (e.g., clamping diodes). FYI, the LTC6373 is powered from +-15V. 

Should we include protection? Is there a reference design for protecting fully differential ADC circuits?

Thanks, Steve

Clarified PGA supply voltage
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  • Hi,

    Yes, we understand the need for ESD protection on the LTC6373 inputs - we have this in hand.

    And yes, we could/should use the V+out pin on the LTC6373 and connect this to the ADC +5V supply but V- would still be connected to -15V supply.

    I'm asking this question as none of the reference circuits in any of the data sheets show protection diodes .

    Thanks, Steve