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ADC ENOB and SINAD of LTC2500 and AD4030

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC2500, AD4030

I am currently trying to evaluate the performance of two ADCs.

These are the 1- LTC 2500 (32 bit) and the other is the 2- AD4030 (24bit).

Based on their datasheets the first one has a SINAD of 104dB  while the AD4030 achieves a SINAD of 108.4dB.   .

If we utilize the equation ENOB = (SINAD -1.76) / 6.02 (assuming operation under the FSR) we come up with the ENOB1= 16.9  and ENOB 2= 17.71.

That practically means a significant impact in performance of the ADC just due to quantization error.

If we add additionaly noise sources starting from the PCB layout up to signal conditioning electronics and other factors (EMI etc) this performance will get even worse.

Does this means that the AD4030 performs better? and why then LTC2500 even if it is specified with a 32 bit resolution the only you can get out of it is maximum 17 bits?

Thank you!

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