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EVAL-AD7147EBZ "USB communication failed"

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-AD7147EBZ


we are trying to connect to your evaluation board, but when selecting the Evaluation Demo, it seems like everything is frozen and after maybe 10s we get a message "USB communication failed". 

It's also strange that 4 buttons are considered pressed, when on the datasheet it's said that only one can be applied at a time. 

Is there anything wrong with our copy of the Evaluation Board? 

I have seen that other customers had the same issue: EVAL-AD7147EBZ "USB communication failed" problem - Q&A - Precision ADCs - EngineerZone ( 

We have tried on 2 computers and we get the same problem. 

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  • Hi Jellenie, 

    Thanks for replying. I've tried on several Computers, mainly on Windows 10. 

    How come the software is not meant to be used on Windows 10? what Windows then? Windows 10 is the most common one, I really don't understand how a software can't be working on Windows 10 nowadays. 

    Nonetheless, we have a second EVB here, which is working just fine.  

    I guess we have received a defect one.. you should check your Quality Control.