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EVAL-AD74413R Eval board's source code

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-AD74413R


I have developed an AIAO board based on AD74412R with STM32 for Industrial purpose. I ported the ADI driver for STM32 and was able to reset, clear and  write/read scratch register of AD74412R successfully.  

I want to verify other functionality of all the channels. Currently, I am having EVAL-AD74413R Eval board and EVAL-SDP-CS1Z board. Using "AD7441xR Eval software", I am able to validate and verify various functionality on channels of EVAL-AD74413R Eval board.

If I get the source code/ program codes used in "EVAL-AD74413R Eval board and EVAL-SDP-CS1Z board" , I can validate my AIAO prototype board. How can I get the program codes ?

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