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Sample is getting junk data in SPI ADC71716_2 ADC chip .

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7176-2

Hi ,

I am testing the ADC7176_2 EVK board to connect with STM32H750 SPI line.

I followed the AD7176_2 driver code and configured the SPI mode 3 and communicate 16MHZ.

I can able to read product id and configure register of AD7176_2 ADC.

I used mode continue conversion mode and collect 100 sample in every sample collect 100 micro second.

I feed the 3.3 voltage and raw value approximately (0xa9ac55) . 

I am getting the 1 or 2 sample junk value from 100 sample and randomly like value (0x537610 , 0x1f7 , 0xffc000). I used single conversion mode also similar issue.

Please give any suggestion for avoid junk value from ADC chip.  

corrected product number to AD7176-2
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