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AD4001 - ADC not responding

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD4001

I am working on ADC [ad4001], which supports 1Msps.

Working conditions:

Sampling rate: 250 ksps.

Sclk frequency: 25 Mhz.

Register read-write configurations are working correctly as shown in datasheet fig. no 48 & 49.

While sampling we are not able to get the data.  This means output data will be "ffff" or sometimes "7fff". Timing requirements are perfectly matching with  Timing Diagram.

The AD4001 requires a differential input signal for proper operation. For applications I am using the ADC driver can be used to convert the single-ended signal to a differential signal.

I am giving a single-ended signal to the ADC driver by using the FG. The ADC driver perfectly converts the single-ended signal to a differential signal.

With the help of the MOD, I checked the ADC driver differential output and the ADC analog pin. I am getting a respective voltage but the ADC does not respond, the SDO pin is constantly “1”.

What will be the reason for this? Can anybody suggest a better solution?

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