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Differential Input Range with External Buffer

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC2325-16


First Question:

If I use external reference 4.096 volt and REFBUFEN connected to VDD like following diagram, then ADC input differential voltage range 8Volt peak to peak? am I right?

Second Question:

Can i use external reference 5volt? If yes, then ADC input differential voltage range 10Volt peak to peak?

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  • Hi 

    According to your answer using External Ref = 5 volts, we are able to give a differential input voltage range of +-5V(10Vp-p). How about an ADC Supply of 5 volts? It's not saturated with the input signal range; there is no headroom.

    Would you recommend using a 5-volt external Reference with an ADC 5-volt Supply? Or do I have to go 4.096-volt reference with an ADC 5 Volt Supply?

     5-volt external Reference due to Datasheet page 22. Provide us with high SNR.