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4xAD7768-1 Synchronization

Product Number: AD7768


I´m designing a four channel IEPE data adquisition using 4 ADC7768-1, completely isolated between them. several requierements more are the following:

    - Each channel must be isolated from the others.

    -We need to switch off the unsued channels on each iteration (it can change in each cycle, on client demand)

So that, we can´t use a synchro method providing a signal that is not synchronous to the base MCLK signal, because it implies the first ADC would be the main (which receive start signal) and "supply" SYNC_IN through its SYNC_OUT to the others. It could be switch off in the next measure regarding the specification of our client.

So we must use a synchro method providing a signal that is synchronous to the base MCLK. How can we get a signal synchronous to the base MCLK? Could you give us examples, please?

By the other hand, one of your Analogue Devices partners (from Reference design forum) told me; "Regarding activating /deactivating devices, this may not be advisable because these are sigma-delta converters", and recommend me to ask int his forum. Why can´t we switch off/switch on the ADC´s? could it be dangerous for the devices?

Thank you very much,