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EVAL-AD5941BATZ icw sensorpal not working as expected

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-AD5941BATZ
Software Version:

Dear All,

I have been experimenting with the EVAL-AD5941BATZ in combination with sensorpal and I seem to get some incorrect results.

- The first problem I encounter is that when I open sensorpal en want to do a battery impedance measurment, I need to drag the Battery impedance block to the work area. When I do this, immediately sensorpal(v. crashes. I work around this by starting with a linear sweep  voltametry, starting the measurment and then drag the battery impedance block which allows me to start a battery impedance measurment.

- Once I started the measurement, I would get some unexpected results, I hooked it up like figure 13 of also found in this link Both with a standard 18650 battery and a simple resistor I would get (random) results from the freuqency plot. Attachted is a photo of the result with a resistor and how it is hooked up.


Result(0.5R between F+/S+ and F-/S-):

My question is: Am I doing something obvious wrong? I have tried two different board combinations ADICUP3029 + AD5941BATZ.

Kind regards,