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Modifying CN0510 to decouple current and voltage inputs for AD5941

Category: Hardware
Product Number: CN0510

I want to measure EIS for each cell in a group of cells in series, but only with one AD5941 board (client's requirement). Current can only be applied to the two ends of the group of cells, but it needs to be measured for each cell individually.

CN0510 has a block diagram, I want to know if I can modify the board such that we can read and then modify AIN2 and AIN3 on CN0510. I first need to disconnect (decouple) the "current output" and the "voltage input" of the EVL board. But I am not sure if AN5941 pins would allow that, may be the pins are connected inside the board? Below is the block diagram of the modification I want to do on CN0510. Is it possible?