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[AD5940] How to read the data?

Category: Software
Product Number: CN0510

Hi, I have a CN0510 that has the AD5940 chip. I've programmed it using the following guide This was succesful, and I've connected a capacitor to do some basic chronoamperometry. However, I don't understand how I can interacty with the chip. Both writing parameters and reading data from the chip using a computer. Looking at the example code (AD5940_ADCPolling.c from this library) I don't see which commands I can send.

And while it does seem to print something

printf("ADC Code:%d, diff-volt: %.4f, volt:%.4f\n",rd, diff_volt, diff_volt+1.11);

I'm not able to read it since I don't know the baud rate.

Please could you help me?