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AD7606C System Offset Calibration

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD7606C-16


I'm looking at the AD7606C System Offset Calibration and I'm noticing some discrepancies between the AD7606C-16 and AD7606C-18 datasheets.

The whole description seems to come from the -18 (the "SYSTEM OFFSET CALIBRATION" passages are identical, including the "LSB size = 76.3 μV", which is for the -18), and wasn't fully adapted to the -16.

The -16 datasheet now has a Offset Calibration Range of 1-255 in Table 2, -512 to +508 in "SYSTEM OFFSET CALIBRATION" and -512 to 511 AND -128 to 127 in the register descriptions.

The -16 datasheet also gives a figure for the Offset Error after calibration of ±0.5 LSB which would imply a 1 LSB resolution for the Offset Calibration, not the 4 LSB resolution given in the description.

My guess is that the AD7606C-16 does the Offset Calibration with 1 LSB resolution and with a range from -128 to 127 to get a calibrated Offset Error of ±0.5 LSB. Is this correct?