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AD7606C System Gain Calibration

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD7606C


I try to understand the AD7606C System Gain Calibration, but I have problems. I want to know what's resolution of gain error in LSB i can correct with the CHx_GAIN registers.

There is no clear description given in the datasheet, and I can make no sense out of Figure 93. "System Gain Calibration, with and Without Calibration", which I am not able to reproduce. When I try to calculate this myself, I get totally different values.

The FAQ mentions an application note ("A.N. 2011") that should explain further details, but that is nowhere to be found.

- Can you please give the formulas (Error (LSB) vs. Rfilter & Error (% of FSR vs. Rfilter)) that were used to calculate Figure.93?
- Can you please share the mentioned application note?

It seems that each bit in CHx_GAIN can correct a gain error of 32 LSBs, but I want to be sure.