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Category: Datasheet/Specs

Hello everybody.

I want to purchase an AD7760 evaluation board to use it with the EVAL-CED1Z board. Before, I would like to know whether I can connect multiple, in parallel, EVAL-AD7760 ADC to the EVAL-CD1Z board through the PPI interface. In the EVAL-AD7760 user guide (EVAL-AD7760_7762EDZ.pdf), at the point 4 of the "hardware connection" chapter, I read that: 

Connect the female connector (J13, marked “CED1Z PPI”), which is on the under side of the EVALAD7760/AD7762EB evaluation board to the PPI header of the EVAL-CED1Z board.

This suggest me that I can use only one board at a time. However, since I do not know the PPI communication channel, I was wondering whether it is a bus like interface with the possibility to address different boards connected. Are there other  methods to connect the AD7760 evaluation board to the CED1Z that allow to connect multiple boards.  

Thanks for the help.