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AD7091R-5 documentation error about power-down

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD7091R-5


In AD7091R-5 datasheet Rev. A, POWER-DOWN MODE chapter (page 32), it says:

"To enter power-down, write to the power-down configuration bits in the configuration register, as seen in Table 15. To enter full power-down mode, set the sleep mode/bias generator bit to 1, and set the internal reference bit to 0".

This means setting CONFIGURATION[P_DOWN]=0b10.

However, further, it says:

"To exit this mode of operation and power up the AD7091R-5, set the MSB of the P_DOWN word to 1."

i.e. CONFIGURATION[P_DOWN]=0b1x. This is contradictory. We were expecting "set the MSB of the P_DOWN word to 0."

Is this a documentation error? If so, can it be corrected please?



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