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AD7124 share AINM for multiple channels

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7124


I plan to use the AD7124 chip to convert signals with an offset (1V) added by a reference source.

Is it possible to configure multiple channel with the same AINM.

For exemple :

1V connected to AIN5 and configured as AINM

AIN0, AIN1... AIN4 configured as AINP

Thank you in advance

  • Hi,

    Yes, it is possible to configure multiple channel with the same AINM for both AD7124-8 and AD7124-4 but make sure that absolute voltage input of your AINx is within the allowable input range of AD7124 which is from AVSS−0.05 to AVDD+0.05 with gain of 1 (unbuffered) and greater than 1, and from AVSS+0.1 to AVDD−0.1 with gain of 1 when buffered, and their differential input together with AIN5 is within the ±VREF/gain range. You may refer to table 3 of page 7 of the AD7172-4 data sheet [AD7124-4 (Rev. D) (] or table 3 of page 8 of the AD7172-8 data sheet [AD7124-8 (Rev. E) (].

    You can also try to simulate using our simulation tool, Virtual Eval | Analog Devices, which may also help you if you have further queries.