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Cannot load COM Module

Category: Software
Product Number: DC590, DC2026, QuikEval

If you receive a Cannot load COM module error message when trying to install a driver for a demo board using QuikEval, the following locations can be used to manually install the COM module. After downloadding the module, run the installer and the software will be available from the Windows Start menu iside the Linear Technology folder.

Part Number DC Board Number Class ID Url
ADL5920 EvalADL5920 D5596
LT3964 DC2424A D3964
LTC1660 DC2795A-A D1661
LTC1661 DC2789A-A D1661
LTC1662 DC2789A-B D1661
LTC1664 DC2795A-C D1661
LTC1665 DC2795A-B D1661
LTC2310-12 DC1563A-E D2315
LTC2310-12 DC2425A-F D2315
LTC2310-14 DC1563A-J D2315
LTC2310-14 DC2425A-D D2315
LTC2310-16 DC2425A-B D2315
LTC2311-12 DC1563A-D D2315
LTC2311-12 DC2425A-E D2315
LTC2311-14 DC1563A-I D2315
LTC2311-14 DC2425A-C D2315
LTC2311-16 DC2425A-A D2315
LTC2312-12 DC1563A-C D2315
LTC2312-14 DC1563A-H D2315
LTC2313-12 DC1563A-B D2315
LTC2313-14 DC1563A-G D2315
LTC2314 DC1563A-F D2315
LTC2315 DC1563A-A D2315
LTC2320-12 DC2395A-G D2374
LTC2320-14 DC2395A-D D2374
LTC2320-16 DC2395A-A D2374
LTC2321-12 DC1996A-F D2315
LTC2321-14 DC1996A-D D2315
LTC2321-16 DC1996A-B D2315
LTC2323-12 DC1996A-E D2315
LTC2323-14 DC1996A-C D2315
LTC2323-16 DC1996A-A D2315
LTC2324-12 DC2395A-H D2374
LTC2324-14 DC2395A-E D2374
LTC2324-16 DC2395A-B D2374
LTC2325-13 DC2395A-I D2374
LTC2325-15 DC2395A-F D2374
LTC2325-16 DC2395A-C D2374
LTC2326-16 DC1908A-I D2315
LTC2326-18 DC1908A-F D2315
LTC2327-16 DC1908A-H D2315
LTC2327-18 DC1908A-E D2315
LTC2328-16 DC1908A-G D2315
LTC2328-18 DC1908A-D D2315
LTC2328-18 DC2405A-A D2315
LTC2333-16 DC2365A-H D2374
LTC2333-18 DC2365A-D D2374
LTC2335-16 DC2412A-B D2374
LTC2335-18 DC2412A-A D2374
LTC2336 DC1908A-C D2315
LTC2337 DC1908A-B D2315
LTC2338 DC1908A-A D2315
LTC2341-16 DC2581A-B D2374
LTC2341-18 DC2581A-A D2374
LTC2343-16 DC2094A-F D2374
LTC2343-18 DC2094A-C D2374
LTC2344-16 DC2520A-B D2374
LTC2344-18 DC2520A-A D2374
LTC2345-16 DC2326A-B D2374
LTC2345-18 DC2326A-A D2374
LTC2347-16 DC2094A-E D2374
LTC2347-18 DC2094A-B D2374
LTC2348-16 DC2094A-D D2374
LTC2348-18 DC2094A-A D2374
LTC2353-16 DC2365A-G D2374
LTC2353-18 DC2365A-C D2374
LTC2357-16 DC2365A-F D2374
LTC2357-18 DC2365A-B D2374
LTC2358-16 DC2365A-E D2374
LTC2358-18 DC2365A-A D2374
LTC2368-24 DC2289A-B D2374
LTC2372-16 DC2071A-E D2374
LTC2372-18 DC2071A-B D2374
LTC2373-16 DC2071A-D D2374
LTC2373-18 DC2071A-A D2374
LTC2374-16 DC2071A-C D2374
LTC2376-20 DC1925A-C D2315
LTC2377-20 DC1925A-B D2315
LTC2378-20 DC1925A-A D2315
LTC2378-20 DC2135A D2315
LTC2380-24 DC2289A-A D2374
LTC2449 DC1410B D2449
LTC2498 DC1410A D2449
LTC2500-32 DC2222A-A D2374
LTC2508-32 DC2222A-B D2374
LTC2512-24 DC2222A-C D2374
LTC2662-12 DC2692A-B D2662
LTC2662-16 DC2692A-A D2662
LTC2664-12 DC2376A-B D2668
LTC2664-16 DC2376A-A D2668
LTC2666-12 DC2196A-B D2668
LTC2666-16 DC2196A-A D2668
LTC2668-12 DC2025A-B D2668
LTC2668-16 DC2025A-A D2668
LTC2672-12 DC2903A-B D2662
LTC2672-16 DC2903A-A D2662
LTC2874 DC1880A D2874
LTC2943 DC1812A-A D2943
LTC2943-1 DC1812A-C D2943
LTC2944 DC1812A-B D2943
LTC2947 DC2334A D2947
LTC2947-65 DC2826A D2947-65
LTC2949 DC2732A-A D2949
LTC2949 DC2732A-B D2949
LTC2949 DC2732A-C D2949
LTC2983 DC2209A D2983
LTC2984 DC2399A D2984
LTC2986 DC2508A D2986
LTC2986-1 DC2618A D2986-1
LTC2991 DC1785A D2991
LTC2992 DC2561A D2992
LTC3300-1 DC2064A D33001
LTC3350 DC1937 D3350
LTC3351 DC2464AA D3351
LTC3351 DC2464AB D3351
LTC3375 DC1921 D3375
LTC3589 DC1558A D3589
LTC3589-1 DC1808A D35891
LTC3589-1 DC1808B-A D35891
LTC3589-2 DC1808B-B- D35892
LTC3676 DC1976A-A D3676
LTC3676-1 DC1976A-B D36761
LTC4155 DC1674A-A D4155
LTC4156 DC1674A-B D4156
LTC4261 DC998A D4261
LTC4266 DC1366 D4266
LTC4266 DC1815 D4266
LTC4271 DC1679 D4271
LTC4271 DC1680 D4271
LTC4271 DC1843 D4271
LTC4291 DC2685 D4291
LTC4316 DC2217A D4316
LTC5586 DC2349A D5586
LTC5589 DC2391A-A D5599
LTC5594 DC2645A D5594
LTC5596 EvalLTC5596 D5596
LTC5597 DC3128A D5596
LTC5599 DC2091A D5599
LTC6802 DC1331A D6802
LTC6802-2 DC1393A D6802-2
LTC6803-1 DC1651A D6803-1
LTC6803-2 DC1652A D6803-2
LTC6803-3 DC1653A D6803-3
LTC6803-4 DC1654A D6803-4
LTC6804-1 DC1894A D6804-1
LTC6804-2  DC1942A D6804-2
LTC6811-1 DC2259A D6811-1
LTC6811-2 DC2260A D6811-2
LTC6945 DC1649A-A D6945
LTC6946-1 DC1705B-A D6945
LTC6946-1 DC1705C-A D6945
LTC6946-2 DC1705B-B D6945
LTC6946-3 DC1705B-C D6945
LTC6946-3 DC1705C-C D6945
LTC6946-4 DC1705C-D D6945
LTC6947 DC1846A D6947
LTC6948-1 DC1959B-A D6947
LTC6948-2 DC1959B-B D6947
LTC6948-3 DC1959B-C D6947
LTC6948-4 DC1959B-D D6947
LTC6948-4 DC2030A-D D6947
LTC6950 DC1795A D6950
LTC6952 DC2609A D6952
LTC6953 DC2610A D6952
LTC6954-1 DC1954A-A D6954
LTC6954-2 DC1954A-B D6954
LTC6954-3 DC1954A-C D6954
LTC6954-4 DC1954A-D D6954
LTC7871 DC2886A D7871
LTC7872 DC3038A D7872
LTM2895 DC2589A D2895
LTM2985 DC2872A D2985
LTM9100 DC2423A-A D4261
LTM9100 DC2423A-B D4261
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