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LT6658 with voltage divider on output

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT6658

Is it ok to add a voltage divider on one of the outputs of a LT6658 voltage reference? This would be a 3.3v chip and I need 2.5v for an external reference to an AD7124 and feed the multiple thermistors. Doing it this way I can get away with only 5v source to LT6658. I don't know if the voltage out would still be considered stable reference. The other output would be the 3.3v supply to the AD7124.

The other option is to try and find a 2.5v version of the chip then boost one of the outputs like the datasheet shows but then I would need minimum 5.8v to get the 3.3v needed for AD7124 supply. I do have 12v available so that is an option if I can get one.

I tried to run in LTspice to see if there is any issues but I am not familiar enough with the software. I just see 2.48v out.