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ADAS1000 : DC-lead off detection not working for RA, LA and LL

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAS1000BSTZ


We have configured the ADAS1000 as Main in Lead mode and ADAS1000-2 as Subordinate in electrode mode with Data rate 2KHz.

WCT = (LA + LL + RA)/3 ; RLD is enabled onto the RLD_OUT electrode.

DC lead-off is enabled ; Lead-off current = 70nA ; Gain setting = GAIN0.

Main CMREFCTL : 0x85E0000B

Subordinate CMREFCTL   : 0x85000004 (CM_OUT of Main is routed to CM_IN of Subordinate)

On streaming a 12 lead ECG, if any of RA, LA, LL disconnects, the lead-off flag is not raised. But out of 10 electrodes V1 to V6, RLD's DC lead-off are detected during disconnection.

Since all input pins have identical dc lead-off circuitry, Why not the lead-off flags are set for RA, LA and LL electrodes and What might be the alternates to detect the DC lead-off of all the input pins?