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LT2380-24 (DC2289A + DC890B) acquisition issue

Category: Software
Product Number: DC2289A-A, DC890B
Software Version: PScope Version 6.0, Build K103 Nov 9 2020

I am trying to evaluate the LT2380-24 with the DC2289A-A for a diagnostic application and I am having some issues with the DC890B.

When following the DC2289A-A manual for setup with PScope and the DC890B, I can verify that the converter is receiving CNV pulses from the CPLD on the eval module, and that conversions are indeed occurring by probing the BUSY net on the DC2289A-A. I have tried a range of CLK-in frequencies up to 100MHz and verify that the converter is operating from 250 Ksps to 1.512 Ksps. However, when I try to start an acquisition through the PScope software, no matter the configuration of sps, N, or fft size, the CNV pulses immediately stop and I no longer see a BUSY pulse. The PScope tool then reports that there has been a communication timeout. At this point, the CNV signal is no longer exiting the CPLD and in order to restart conversions I must power cycle the DC2289A-A and re start the CLK in. Is there any thing I am missing configuration wise? I have followed the manual exactly and am still unable to reliably get any data to be captured. It has come through a few times but it will only do a single capture then cease operating with the behavior I described above, it is extremely intermittent (around 1 successful capture for every 30 attempts).

Thank you in advance!

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