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Calibration on AD7190

Category: Software
Product Number: AD7190


I am evaluation the AD7190 for a weight scale application. Everything works nice, except the calibration. No matter what I do, the calibration does not work. 


- I am resetting -> works

- I am setting channel, gain and other parameters in mode and config register

- I am setting mode to Internal Zeroscale or Internal Fullscale

- The ready-signal goes high in the middle of the register setting, but never returns low. The offset register is never changed, neither the calibration register. 

Is there anything, I forget to complete?

I appreciate any help, I already lost days on that...

  • Hi.

    Can you share your register map settings please? When performing calibration can you confirm if only one channel is enabled? And at what output data rate? 

    When you mentioned everything works fine does it means you can read data conversion and any other registers properly? 



  • Hi Jellenie, 

    - Mode-Register is 0x7ca0c0, however I tried with continuous conversion mode, idle, power down, ... as well
    - configuration register is 0x257
    - status register is 0x80
    - offset of course 0x800000
    - fullscale 0x553380

    Yes, I can change registers, I can read do data conversion and read values, all nicely working. There is only one channel active and of course CS is low...

    Thank you, any help is highly appreciated. 


  • Hi, 

    The mode register value of 0x7ca0c0 this means the ADC is in power down mode right? So when you perform calibrations (internal zero or full scale) what value is written to the mode register?

    or are you trying to write/change the offset and full scale register that is why you put the device in power down mode?