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ADAS1000: DC lead off detection.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAS100SDZ
Software Version: 3.2


I am testing DC lead off detection in ADAS1000 configured in common electrode mode, I have routed RA to CE  on the board. I have tested the lead off detection when

1. 1.3V is contributing to RLD 

2. When RA, LL and LA are contributing to RLD.

- In both the conditions, when I remove RL electrode sometimes LL,LA and CE will also be OFF and will turn back ON immediately. 

- In second case when RA,LL and LA are contributing to RLD, when DC current is below 40nA, RLD lead off is not detected when RA is removed. Only CE lead off is detected (RLD should be OFF since RA is contributing to RLD)

Please let me know why this is happening

Thanks in advance