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AD2S1210 schematic review

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD2S1210DSTZ


 Dear ADI experts:

could you please help to review our customer schematic diagram? by the way, customer MCU I/O source is limited , if could save interface , please kindly help to advise it .

thanks a lot.

  • Hi Justin Li,

            I am looking at it. I'll send feedback soon.



  • Hi Justin,

          I compare the schematic from the AD2s1210 evaluation board and pretty much similar. Though just wanted to confirm few details.

        1. What is the value of C16? cap in the REFBYP pin. This should be 10uF.

         2. How does the customer control the digital lines? I can see that digital lines have the option of either high or low.

         3. R18 in the Reference section of the schematic showing 10k. This is DNP in the evaluation board..

      Is this customer developing a new design for a particular application? Do you know the application they are working on if that is OK to share?



  • Hi Jonathan :

    1.C16 is 10uF. signal A1,A0,SAMPLE,SDO,SDI,SCLK,WR/FSYNC control SPI communication and update AD2S1210 data, SOE/CE is low, other pin is floating.

    3. R18 is could DNP.

    application is PMSM motor control board.

    many thanks .