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LTC2470 DC1629A + DC590B

Hi there,

I am about to test the operation of the DC1629A eval - kit with the DC590B Serial Interface board.

I just wanted to check that I am about to test it correctly.

Equipment: DC Power Supply, leads, crocodile clips, DC1629A board, DC590B board, multimeter 

1) Attach crocodile clips to turrets of DC1629A (Vcc, GND, IN-, IN+, VREFOUT)

2) Attach power supply leads to VCC, IN+ (separate)

3) GND leads to GND and IN-

4) Multimeter lead to VREFOUT to read output (1.25 V)

5) Connect DC1629A to DC590B with 14 conductor ribbon cable and DC590B USB to laptop

6) Power board at e.g. 5V, supply input with 1V, measure VREFOUT

7) View output on quick eval software

I know this sounds basic I just wanted to double check how to hook it up before breaking anything as the DC1629A user guide only mentions the pin connections really and the turrets and ribbon - cable and how the output looks like on the software and LTC2470/LTC2472  datasheet goes through the pinouts and SPI and surrounding circuitry but not how to test it.

Just to note I haven't touched the SPI in any of this,

Thank you

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